Buy and Sell BitClout for Ethereum

The world's first Bitclout exchange with automatic transaction verification. We've already facilitated $1.5m+ in private transactions — now, anybody can publicly buy, sell, and trade Bitclout in a matter of seconds.

Starting April 29th, we have started onboarding users. Don't miss your chance to get early access!

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"I think the team should build an offramp asap. I do believe this is the biggest missing component to their legitimacy." - Naval Ravikant

"Previously, the only way to sell BitClout was through challenging human OTC markets — BitSwap leverages technology to automate the escrow process." - Jake Udell (@jakeudell)

How BitSwap Works

BitSwap, for Sellers

Fund your BitSwap balance with Bitclout, and post listings offering your Bitclout for sale. Choose your own quantity and pricing in either Ethereum or ERC20 tokens like USDT/USDC. Alternatively, use our real-time market pricing for a faster sale.

When your Bitclout sells, we automatically send payment to your provided ETH wallet. If it doesn't sell, we send back your Bitclout.

BitSwap, for Buyers

Browse through our open ledger of Bitclout listings for sale. When you find the right listing, initiate the transaction by clicking "Buy" and sending payment to a BitSwap escrow wallet.

If the correct amount is sent, our system instantly verifies the transaction and sends you the Bitclout you purchased.

BitSwap charges a 2% transaction fee. You're also responsible for paying your own gas/network fees. Ethereum gas fees average $4-$15 (USD) per transaction. Bitclout gas fees are normally a few cents.

Why Choose BitSwap?

$1.5 million+ in Transactions Facilitated by BitSwap since April
Real-Time Pricing Data
Instant Trades Once Buyer/Seller is Found
Advanced listing filter & search
Trusted by hundreds of investors on BitClout

Frequently Asked Questions

What prices can I expect when I buy/sell?

Prices on the BitSwap platform will be lower than the listed price on Bitclout. In order to provide an incentive for people to buy, sellers must provide a lower price to buyers (otherwise, they would buy from the official Bitclout website).

However, we provide real-time secondary market data to both sellers and buyers so you are aware of fair market prices at any point in time. The market price is calculated as a weighted average of recent transactions on BitSwap.

Currently, Bitclout on the secondary market trades for about 60% of its official listed price on (so around $110 USD at the time of writing).

What are the fees?

BitSwap charges a 2% transaction fee to both buyers and sellers. You're also responsible for covering any network/gas fees.

Ethereum gas fees average around $4 to $15 (USD) per transaction, whereas BitClout gas fees are negligible (only a couple cents).

100% of our BitClout revenue will be re-invested back into the @BitSwap coin. Our ETH revenue will be reinvested into maintaining and improving BitSwap for our users :)

Who are the people behind BitSwap?

BitSwap was founded by @sigil and @aryanm on April 4th, but we're now a team of 8 members and constantly growing. You can learn more about us on our Team page.

When is the Launch?

We've had to delay our launch because of changes in important BitClout APIs. For the latest updates, please visit our @BitSwap profile on BitClout.

Contact Us

To contact us, please join our Discord channel where we answer questions and provide product support. You may also email us at

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